Our annual summer BBQ from in the Garden Square, with kind permission from the Garden Sub- Committee, is typically early July before the schools break up. We always keep our fingers crossed for good weather, but rain forecasts are so much more accurate than they used to be.

ECSRA committee put up lights and bunting and provide the DJ and BBQ’s. Residents bring food and drink, rugs and tables and open the doors at 7.00pm.

Our DJ Simon Robinson has been doing our music for nearly 15 years.  Originally, Simon partnered fellow DJ,  Mike Minaham, who sadly passed away in 2011. Simon has continued to DJ the ECSRA BBQ and has witnessed a number of children in the Square grow up. His music selection is great to dance to.

It is an enjoyable social evening where we can all mix and chat and invite our Ward Councillors. Some bring friends and relatives. Look out for the date announcement during June each year.