The Earl's Court Exhibition Site - Meanwhile Use - The Earl's Court Development Company (ECDC)

To find out more on how the ECDC will be bringing the Earls Court site back to life this summer:

You will be able to find a video recording of the presentations given by Rob Heasman, CEO of The Earls Court Development Company and Ed Bartlam, Director and Co-founder of Underbelly, and subsequent Q&A session on their website:

If you have any additional questions relating to ECDC's plans this summer or regarding the project more broadly, please send them through to

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The Earl’s Court Square Garden

The Earl’s Court Square Garden is run by a separate Sub-Committee. Keys to the Garden are obtained from the Earl's Court Square Garden Sub-Committee.

The mission is to provide a well-run communal garden which serves as a focal point for community involvement, service, and entertainment; which provides a welcoming space for quiet reflection and courteous play; and which enhances both the enjoyment and the value of our homes.



Friends of Brompton Cemetery

The cemetery is Grade I Listed on the English Heritage Register of Historic Parks and Gardens.
The 39-acre (16 hectare) site lies between Old Brompton and Fulham Roads, a five minute walk from Earl’s Court Square.
The Friends of Brompton Cemetery work to preserve this remarkable site as a model of an historic cemetery with an active role in modern society. They help to restore and maintain the cemetery’s buildings, monuments and landscape, and encourage their full use by those sympathetic to the importance, beauty, heritage and fragility of this significant cemetery. They offer visitors Sunday afternoon tours, guidebooks, maps and postcards.


Earl's Court Safer Neighbourhood Team Ward Panel

Meets quarterly and sets the priorities for policing within Earl's Court Ward. At present these are:

Earls Court Ward Priorities:
1 - Burglary
2 - Motor Vehicle Crime
3 - Anti Social Behaviour

Kensington Cluster Priorities:
1 - Reduce Theft Person offences
2 - Reduce alcohol related disorder & ASB in the night time
3 - Drug dealing and Drugs misuse.

Chrissie Courtney (ECSRA Chair) represents Earl's Court Square on the Ward Panel.

"Total Policing is the Met's commitment to be on the streets and in your communities to catch
offenders, prevent crime and support victims. They are here for London, working with you to make
our capital safer."


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