A bottle of Champagne was presented to the winner of our History Quiz -  Tom Brown.  Commenting on his approach to the this Quiz, Tom said "On my walks, it was the window shapes that helped the most."

Laid out below are the answers:











How good is your memory?  Or you may be interested in how some buildings looked before you knew the area.

Over time, ECSRA has gathered together photographs of time past, some from the Borough’s archives and some from the Pembroke pub.   Below are some photos of places from by-gone times.  Can you identify them?  If you would like to know where they are, you will find the answers on the this History page page of the ECSRA website after the 28th February


1. Ballards, the undertakers. 

A largish funeral and note the horse drawn hearse











Answer:  Ballards the undertakers opposite the entrance to Brompton Cemetery at the junction of Kramer Mews with Old Brompton Road.


2.  A watchmaker and jeweller. 

This photo was taken fairly recently

when the fascia was exposed during redevelopment.











Answer:  Beard’s, the watchmaker and jeweler, on the north side of Old Brompton Road.  Originally, there were two entrances to the two shops, in a ‘V’ format, the other being Barnard Marcus.  The two sites are now occupied by UK Homes.


3.  A Mansion Block. 

This photo was used in the re-establishment of some of the exterior features








Answer: Richmond Mansions, Old Brompton Road.


4.  Earl’s Court Underground Station. 

This photo was taken in 1907.

Do you know which entrance it is?









Answer: The Warwick Road entrance to Earl’s Court Underground station.


5.  Earl’s Court Post Office. 

Where was the Post Office before it was moved to the corner of Earl’s Court Road and Earl’s Court Gardens?

It eventually closed, to be replaced by Paul’s, the patisserie.

In the summer, a new Post Office opened as part of Krystal’s redevelopment.











Answer: The Post Office was on the west side of Earl’s Court Road, between Longridge Road and Nevern Place.


6.  A swimming pool. 

Although no longer in existence, the structure is still intact










Answer: The swimming pool as it was in the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre.  It was used as a marina during the Boat Show.  Although the Exhibition Centre has been demolished, the structure is still there.


7.  A quicker mode of transport. 

Do you recognise where this is?










Answer: The hansom cabs are in the south east arm of the Square between the mansion blocks of Wetherby Mansions.


8.  A roof top view. 

Do you know where this is and what additions have been made?











Answer: The roof top view is from Langham Mansions before the orbs were re-instated.