ECSRA-newsletter-may-2015-3Earl’s Court Square resident Chrissie Courtney took over as Chairman of the ECSRA. She has valuable past experience in community work from her time in the New Forest as a District Councillor for 8 years. Christine Powell retired and was thanked in no small measure for her 10 years as ECSRA Chairman.

This was the time Victoria Borwick was elected our Member of Parliament for Kensington. We welcomed a ‘hands on’ MP familiar with the area.

Our speaker at our AGM was Gillian Putterill the acting head of St. Cuthbert with St. Matthias School who gave  an enlightened talk about participation of the children in gardening activities.

The committee was active on residents’ behalf, with notable activity reported on the water pressure problems effecting some buildings in the Square; The Northgate Garages planning permission for a house conversion, where our lobbying helped to create a more suitable plan that was passed by the Council. The post-box lost its door and we entered into a new ‘zero tolerance’ trial for rubbish enforcement, called the ‘Earl’s Court Project’.

An interactive new Community Engagement System named OWL (Online Watch Link) was created for passing local crime alerts onto residents in a quick and easy way. Chrissie Courtney synthesises this in our website Membership section.

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