A dedicated community champion.

1948 – 2022


We are honouring Malcolm on our Earl’s Court Square RA website because the 650 households ECSRA represent were all touched over the years by his tenacity to make things happen for the good. Malcolm amassed a huge body of work in understanding and communicating residents’ views.

Malcolm’s role as a local Councillor was tremendously important to him… But the most important thing for Malcolm was representing Earl’s Court – his community, his neighbourhood and the area of London which he had cherished and called his home for many years

Within the Council, Malcolm’s work was extensive. He has chaired Environment and Public Realm Scrutiny Committees, and was vice-chairman of Grenfell Recovery.  He served on many Council Committees: Planning Applications; Licensing; Adult Social Care & Health; the Pensions Board, and was chairman of Member Training & Development, and Public Transport. He has served on, or chaired, special groups including Short-Term Holiday Lettings; Anti-Social Behaviour and Social Housing; Pre-Planning Advice; the CCTV Advisory Board; and the Westway Trust.

Malcolm was also the chairman of the Earl’s Court Society – in that role – alongside his role as a councillor – he led the local response to the planning applications for the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre Site.

spray-put-grafittiMalcolm initiated and led on a number of improvement campaigns. Graffiti, donning a hi-viz vest, scrubbing down walls, working with local businesses to improve the area and more recently anti-social behaviour.

As an activist and community champion, Malcolm produced a comprehensive plan to deal with its root causes. In what many have described as his finest political hour. Two days before he died, Malcolm presented this plan to the council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee in the form of a Councillor’s Call For Action. The plan gained unanimous support and has been passed to the Leadership Team with the recommendation of implementing it in full.MS---marketMS---NHS


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