AVRIL KENNEDY - who passed away in May 2022.





Avril who passed away in May 2022 at the age of 80, was a dedicated ECSRA Committee Member for around ten years in the 2000’s. Avril moved from Glasgow and bought her home here in 2002. She saw her move to London as a ’new chapter in her life’. She was quite excited about it.  She became a tour guide at Westminster abbey and London was an adventure for her. Even when she left the Square, Avril continued for some years to volunteer for the BBQ and Christmas events, including the annual Strawberry Tea Party spearheaded by the late Jennifer Ware and hosted in Earl’s Court Square.

Strikingly tall, a little reserved and always charming, Avril with her Scottish lilt was modest about her life and achievements. She helped start and ran the sales side of a family jewellery business with her son and was a keen Bridge player. She was a wonderful neighbour and participator in all our events.