THE  CORONATION  - May 6th 2023


When did a drop of rain stop the British from celebrating – never! 

So, again the Coronation of an English Monarch took place on a wet day and the reign of King Charles III started with rain!   This did not dampen spirits in Earl’s Court Square Garden and, as soon as we watched the helicopters fly over Buckingham Palace on TV, we either dashed on to the street or stuck heads out of windows to see them fly past Earl’s Court Square. The helicopters going one way, and the red, white and blue smoke trails of the Red Arrows going over the south side of the Square.   It was then time to rally our forces, get the tea urn on and prepare for Coronation Afternoon Tea in the Square.

Mounds of sandwiches and cakes appeared under the odd umbrella, then more and more and more residents arrived.  There were lots of Kings and Queens for the children’s parade – with much use made of wellington boots as military uniforms and capes and cloaks to keep warm. Many congratulations to our winners who were awarded a commemorative mug and a jar of lemon sweets - which are rumoured to be the King’s


Thank you to everyone who took part and came and joined in despite the weather.   The costumes, cakes and sandwiches were enjoyed by all and once we’d mended the fuse on the extension lead – ‘my fault’ said Katrina ‘and Edward was right’ – and Kevin and Stacy had set up the most brilliant relay system with kettles, so there was tea and coffee by the gallon.  Councillors, Constabulary, Clergy and Community combined to celebrate King Charles III’s Coronation with grace, good humour and in typical Earl’s Court Square style.